about our High schools

by Anna-Kaye
(Montego Bay)

Q: What are the to 20 high schools in Jamaica,whether co-head or single sex?(Academic based)

A: The top 20 will definitely come from the traditional high schools…since they are the “real” high schools on the island.

…which ones? We would have to establish some kind of criteria to decide…and since that criteria has not been establish, I cannot say. 

What I can tell you is that to get into anyone of these High schools, you have to pass the GSAT (a national exam taken by all primary school students) with a 90% or above. 

That means that the best and brightest students on the island go to these schools.

There are several of them…
– KC
– Camperdown
– Munro
– Wolmers
– Cornwall College
– Camperdown
– Campion
– Mount Alvernia
– Mobay High
– Excelsior
– Immaculate Conception
– Calabar
– Vere Tech
– Ardenne
– Holmwood
– St Georges
– William Knibb
– Westwood
– St Hildas
– Ruseas
– Dinthill
– St. Jago
…and the list goes on…


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