am i following rastafari right?

by Darien Christopher Cornell

my views only come from sites like this so i feel a little skeptical on how well im commeting. Here are my views and what i have been doing (ive been doing this for 5 months) im white by the way

my diet: i eat no red meat whatsoever no beef no pork the only meat i eat is fish and sometimes chicken. ive never been much of a soda drinker i do eat sweets sometimes and i eat ital

my views on alcohol and things of that nature: i have never had any alcohol in my life and whenever i am offered it i refuse it telling them i dont drink at all its against what i stand for i dont smoke cigarettes at all which luckily my friends respect that 

my parents wont let me get dreadlocks at all so my friend in Hawaii (she use to live around me) is sending me some colored beads which ill just put in my hair

i dont like to put man made chemicals in me or on me so i only use shampoo and soap until i know 100% that its all natural 

my views on jah is that it is all around us and is inside us we are all children of jah and should respect jah with the highest authority possible 

i have learned to love all people no matter what race they are there religious views there appearance and i have learned to forgive people for there mistakes after all there only human 

i see babylon as the center of evil and should never be tampered with places like football games and las vegas to me are the very centers of babylon 

there has never been a day wear i havent worn the colors of Ethiopia and i think i know what they stand for 

red:is for all the blood in every living thing
gold or yellow:is for all the treasures that people cherish
black: is for africa
green: is for jah and the earth 
i hope those are all right

im sure im drawing a blank so give an amswer please:) if you need to email me its


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