Am I Following The Traditions?

by Chloe

Q: My name is chloe. I am 16 years old and white but I am in love with the traditions of the rastafarian. I have read the background information and tried to educate myself as much as possible on the history to appreciate the background behind rastafarians.

I try to eat little red meat and I don’t eat salt. I try be open and kind to all races and people no matter who they are or where there from. I don’t have dreadlocks. but I do what I can for the environment and I love mother nature.

I smoke weed and listen to lots of different reggae music…and eat different Jamaican foods and drinks…and I understand what the colors of the rastafarians mean and what they symbolize. I know you don’t have to be black to be accepted to be a rastafarian. 

But I would like to know that I am not offending those who are. So I suppose my question is…am I a rastafarian? And is there anything I should be doing. or anything I’m doing wrong?

A: Chloe, you are off to a good start. Yes you will need the dreads, the diet, the weed, and so on for the outward appearance, but the “real” rasta is in your heart. 

Do you have love or hate in your heart for others? Are you a peacemaker? Are you committed to the rastafarian principles? Are you willing to go all the way?

These are questions you have to ask yourself…and the answers you come back with will tell you how well you are doing.

So far, you seem to be doing well. All you have to do now is stay the course…and add more commitments as you go.

Good luck


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