Amedeo Conta;2nd generation Rasta born in babylon.

by Amedeo Conta
(Skagit county, wa, USA)

I&I fathers name was Richard Conta. Born in a small babylonian town,usa in 1946. He was drafted into the army and was imprisoned for two years because he wouldn’t commit murder for babylon in the vietnam war.

After this he found bob marley in the early 1970s and opened his eyes to Rastafari. He then became a devout follower of Rastafari and believer in the divinity of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.

In 1984 he married my mom, at the ceremony he shouted praises to Selassie I Jah Rastafari and sang in praise of Jah. They lived for a year in Negril, Jamaica this is where I&I father gained a true overstanding of Rastafari. 

They came back to babylon, to thier handbuilt shack with no water or electricity in Fishtown WA. My father always lived the simple life of a Rastaman and had no cares for material babylonian things.

I&I was born on July 23, 1991. Born 3 weeks premature according to babylon doctors. The same day as His Imperial Majesty haile selassie. This is a 1 in 365 chance that I would have the same birthday as the man my father called God for the last 20 years! 

This CAN ONLY be a sign to my father and me that RASTAFARI is the true path. Sadly I&I father passed on when I was 6 years old. I never got to truly talk and reason with him as an adult about RASTAFARI. All I have is the stories and ideals from him that my mom tells me. 

My father died of cancer. The chemotherapy he recieved and was tricked into by doctors is what killed him. He knew this. His close friends and brothers told me he suspected the doctors. 

I&I grew up after that with my mom and later I&I adopted father who both exposed the I to many different religions and beliefs. I grew up in a lot of love. At age 14 I began to read my fathers bible and saw the pages he marked in Isaiah, Revelation, and many passages supporting Rastafari. 

I began to grow I&I Locks like my father. I began to believe and gain OVeRSTANDING of rasta and started the path on what it means to be a rasta and a nazarite. 

At age 19 I was tricked by babylon into joining the Military. After two years as a whore fe babylon I left and I&I never lookin back. I was liberated from being a slave to babylon(like my father was). I met my wife, my puertorican dreaded empress and we just had our first baby girl. 

I&I reject the babylonian corrupt Roman church. In contrast to the true church of the real YESHUA the christ who was of BLACK SKIN. This is the original ethiopian/egyptian church of christ. prophecy in psalms, isaiah, revelation point to Haile Selassie I coming as a prophet and a messenger/ representation of Yeshua. 

All through the bible it talks in the future of the oppressed rising up and being set free. The meek shall inherit the earth, the stone that the builder refused will be the head cornerstone. I can think of No group of people more oppressed and downtrodden than the Afrikan people. 

And when you find out that the original true hebrews were of black skin, it makes sense that the bible is speaking about black people in these prophecys. As far as having to have black skin to be a rasta, we all come from Afrika. 

Ham, shem, and japeth were all sons of Noah.,we are all ONE. This is what One love means. When you truly OVERSTAND Rastafari, you see that there is no isms, no racism. But if you have white skin and are learning in your overstanding of rasta, it is important to reasearch and overstand the Afrikan diaspora and brutal slave trade history. And know that just because you think you know about rasta dosn’t mean that you are one. Respect Jah bless.

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