Argentina Dismiss Belgium 1-0

Argentina dismiss Belgium 1-0 and sent them home packing from the world cup.

Game Highlights

Belgium is the latest casualty of the world cup as the number of teams remaining dwindles to four…Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, and Brazil.

One of these four teams will walk away as the World Cup Champion for the 2014…and at this point, it is anybody’s guess as to which team it will be.

Brazil is still my favorite, even without Neymar and Silva for their upcoming game against Germany. It’s hard to see anyone beating them on their home turf on this stage. With such a cadre of soccer players that they have, they ought  to be able to find worthy substitutes….to take them past the Germans and into the finals.

Belgium world cup photo highlightsGermany looks good too and has to happy that Neymar and Silva will not be in the game against them. They are hoping that this will give them the advantage, but it is left to be seen.

The Netherlands has always been solid. Arjen Robben continues to create havoc for opposing team defenses with his mazy runs…and is a stickler for drawing fouls that such in the referees like a leech. This could give the Netherlands the advantage in their game against Argentina.

We have seen many of these kinds of fouls in this world cup…and in professional soccer for that matter,  where players do theatrics to draw fouls by tumbling over with the slightest touch…and the referees fall for it…which leads me to the point that the outcome of these games will depend on who will be in the middle of the game with the whistle.Belgium loses to Argentina 1-0

Argentina looks tough to beat as well. Though opposing players know about Messi and his dribbles, they still have a hard time stopping him. Even if he does not score in a game, his dribbles allow him to create opportunities for others.

We saw that in this Belgium game where he dribble around about three Belgium players and crated the opportunity for Higuaim to score the solo goal and give Argentina the victory.

With that being said, the stage is set for the semifinals and I will be right there

enjoy the highlights above…


 Argentina beat Belgium 1-0  Argentina vs Belgium
 Belgium out of world cup  Argentina moves into world cup semifinals
 Argentina defeats Belgium 1-0  Belgium lose to Argentina 1-0
 Argentina dismiss Belgium 1-0  Argentina defeats Belgium 1-0

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