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Update (9/3/09): Asafa Powell finally defeated Tyson Gaye at the Golden league in Brussels Belgium

Asafa PowellWhy is this such a big deal? Because no one really expected it!

Could this be the “new” Asafa? Are we about to see him back to his “old” self, running fantastic times like he did in the past? It could be very well be.

We know that a cocky, confident Asafa Powell is almost unbeatable…and we have waited a long time for this to come. Hopefully this is the moment.

In the recent months, each time he stepped on the track to face Gaye, it was almost a gimme that Gaye would win. For some reason, Powell just did not have it in him to beat him.

…not that he doesn’t have the ability, but just that for some reason, he just doesn’t seem to deliver.

Then out of nowhere, he changed his attitude! At the world championship in Berlin, he started “playing, just like Bolt, and getting loose…and almost immediately it paid off.

He ran third in that race, got his first medal in a while and look set to return to his winning ways.

Then a week later, he ran a close second to Bolt in Zurich, and now one week after that, he beats Tyson Gaye in Brussels!

You know what that means, right? It means that you can expect some more fantastic times from Powell in 100m in the near future.

Personally, I am happy for the man. Go Powell!

Asafa powell is no doubt one of jamaica’s greatest sprinters!


Here he is at the Bislett games, 2009. This is not one of his best performances.

As you can see, he is still good but I worry about his mentality prior to a big race.

I think he is focusing too much on the opponents as opposed to the race itself. He need to learn how to put blinders on and race against time and not the others.

This is what Bolt and Tyson Gay do. That’s the edge that will get you on the podium every time.

I mean you can be in the best physical shape ever, but if you don’t have that mental toughness and discipline to block out distractions, you are going to under-perform. Period! full stop!

There is no question that this guy has the talent. He has proven in the past that he can consistently run below 10 seconds in the 100m. He did that several times last year and the year before.

So I am waiting to see him return to that form. Think about it 9.72 seconds in 100m. That’s fast!

Come on Asafa!

Stay tuned more videos to come…
Update: July 31, 2009
American Tyson Gay and Powell are set to square off in the 100 metres at the DN Galan Super Grand Prix meet at the Olympic Stadium today.

Asafa Powell vs tyson gaye

…stay tuned for the results. Here it is…


With the world championships about two weeks away, things are heating up!

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