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dunns river flowingHere are some of the hottest attractions in Jamaica…

I always tell people that all you need to live in Jamaica and enjoy yourself is money! The sad thing is everbody don’t have that.

Anyway, you can still enjoy yourself.

One wise thing to do before you go the the island is book your tours with a travel agent or if you want you can wait ’til you get there.

I am going to start off with a few hot spots and then add more later. So, if you don’t like these, keep checking back for more…

The first set of attractions in Jamaica are Reggae Sumfest, Dunns river falls, martha brae river, bob marley museum, and rosehall great house.

Reggae Sumfest
This show is one of the hottest attractions in Jamaica!

It so nice, you don’t want it to done!

Every year people come from all ’bout to witness some of the greatest reggae, R&B, and Hip Hop, ‘pon the planet.

…in one of the hottest tourist area in the world, Montego Bay!

Bhoy! whoever is in charge, make a whole heap of money, I wish I could get my hand inna the pot! he..he..

reggae sumfest fans


Make sure that if you plan to go, carpool or something, because, I don’t think you are going to find anyway to park…too much people.

If you interested and want more information, click here…

Over 30,000 people come there every year…yes, you hear me right! 30,000!

That is a whole heap of people. And they come in all color, size and shape.

If you hungry, Jamaican food is everywhere! If you thirsty, there is drinks galore.

If you want souvenir, you don’t have to look far. Arts, crafts, and other memorabilia will be right there in front of your eyes! Just stretch out your hands and grab something…

The show last a whole week from Sunday to Saturday. This year (2009) it will go from July 19 – 25.

So, what you waiting on?

Pack up your bags and go plan the trip…leave the stressful job behind and ‘gwaan’ go enjoy yourself!

That same stressful job will be right there when you come back.

A snippet of Reggae Sumfest

Update: The following artists will be featured this year…

Beenie Man, D’Ville, Elephant Man, Coco Tea, Bounty Killer

Busy signal, Movado, Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage, Rhaatid

Etana, spice, stitchie, Vybz Kartel, Inner circle, Kip Rich

Demarco, Konshens, D’Angel, Voice Mail, Black Rhino, Dub tonic

…more to come.

Dunns River Fall
Another of the top attractions in Jamaica!

The last time I went there, I had a “ball!”

I got to be honest with you, this is one of those places that you never get tired of.

As hot as Jamaica is, this water always stay cool…truly amazing!

If you go there and don’t enjoy yourself, something is wrong with you.

…and when you want to shift gears, the beach is right there at the bottom of the fall.

ladies at Dunns river

I mean, there is so many things you can do…

you can walk up the fall, laze around in the water, find a spot and get a water massage…and more…you can do anything that will “tickle your fancy.”

Just be careful, if you decide to walk up.

Make sure you pick your steps…the rocks may be a little slippery.

…and take advantage of your friends and family. Form a “human chain” or something.

…and yes there are expert guides to help walk up. Don’t take them lightly, they know every corner of the fall.

When you get tired of the fresh water, the ocean is right there, jump on in.

If you get hungry? Drinks, food, and entertainment is right there.

let me say this before I go, if you go to Jamaica and don’t visit dunns river falls, you miss something special more

Martha Brae River
This is one of the most romantic attractions in Jamaica!

If you are trying to win someone over, or just want to be alone with your partner, lover, or friend, this is the spot for you!

It is the perfect atmosphere for you to cuddle, laugh, chat, and do whatever else that makes you both happy…while enjoying the lush green tropical landscape, and the hot sunshine….

Martha brae river romance

Your rafting guide will be there to skillfully guide the raftalong the river.

He knows every single thing about the river…so you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…

It is an experience that I’ve had a number of times and I can tell you it’s etched in my memory forever.

If you want more information about this, click here


Bob Marley Museum
Located at 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6, the former home of the great reggae master, is the Bob Marley Museum, another of the top attractions in Jamaica.

There you will find an interesting collection of Marley’s memorabilia, music, concert information, and video.

Bob marley museum and home

Bob Marley Museum – top attraction in Jamaica

You will also get an insight into Marley’s daily life and musical career. The bullet holes in the walls from his assassination attempt in 1976 is still there.

The simple bedroom in which he slept is still intact.

There are pictures of his childhood and family.

The old Tuff Gong recording studio has been transformed into an auditorium which show a film about his last years.

In the garden is the Queen of Sheba restaurant…a place for you to enjoy some of Bob’s favorite vegetarian dishes…more…

Rosehall Great House
Another of the top attractions in Jamaica is the Rosehall great house…

Here-in lies the story one of the most evil plantation owners in the history of Jamaica.

Legend has it that the white witch of Rose Hall, as she is affectionately called, killed her three husbands, and her many slave lovers…and now roam the grounds of her former plantation home.

rosehall great house

Of all the attractions in Jamaica, this one will scare the living daylights out of you…it doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in Ghosts…or that you are not easily scared, there are some things happening in the house that will make you wonder.

Whether or not you are with a tour guide and others, you may still find yourself wanting to grab on to someone for comfort!

I dare you to enter her bedroom, look in her mirror, take a picture of yourself, and print it…you may just see her in the background…don’t be shocked, you are not the first one it happened to…how creepy! read the story


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