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Staying In A Jamaican Family Home

Q: I would like to know what to expect as a girlfriend staying in a jamaican boyfriend’s family home for a few months. Will I be expected to take over a cook for him, etc.? A: I don’t know! All Jamaican relationships are not the same. Some Jamaican men expect their women to do these things, others […]

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Schools in Jamaica

Q: How are the schools in Jamaica differnt from the schools in the US? Example: Is it Kindergarten to 12th grade? Do they have band, music, and art classes? A: A child start out in kindergarten (pre-Kindergarten in the USA) at age 2 1/2, sometimes 3, or even 4 years old. After that they go to Primary […]

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living condition of Jamaica in the 1900s were?

what are the economic, social and living conditions of Jamaica in the 1900s for the rural class of people, did they have houses? what kind, could they afford food? what type, what was their diet like? did they toilets or pit latrines, was there a lot of diseases;could they afford medical help, could they afford […]

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What are the Jamaican Traditions?

Q: What are the Jamaican traditions? A: The Jamaican traditions include singing, dancing to, and playing reggae, dancehall, and lovers rock music, talk Patois(patwa), eat ’nuff’ Jamaican food – rice and peas, chicken, jerk chicken, and so on.., go to church, celebrate heroes day, independence, christmas, and other cultural holidays, play ’nuff’ sports – cricket, football, track […]

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Rastafarian Church in Portland, OR?

Photo courtesy of RasMarley Q: I have been Rastafarian for a while and me and a friend of mine who is also Rastafarian built a kind of shrine in a spare room in my house but I wanted to know if there is a larger Church that we could go to in Portland? A: I really […]

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ok i don’t want to sound racist here which believe me i am not

 Q: I have been to Jamaica 2 times now and I am going the 3rd time in may. I just love it there. My husband and I want to move there in 3 to 5 yrs. I was wondering does that pleasantness stay when we move there. We are white. I want to live there so […]

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