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by Julie Thompson
(Canada)Q: Hi. i want to become Rastafarian, i know about the culture, the beliefs and all this, it seems like this is the right “religion” for me. The only problem is i dont want dreadlocks. Is there a way to be Rastafarian without dreads, like grow them fo some time and then grow back your normal hair again?
Thank you.

By the way im a female.

A: My answer to that is being a rastafarian is a thing of the heart. The rest of it is just symbols which says to the world, “look at me, I wear the dreads, I wear the clothes, I eat the foods, I look the part…I am a rastafarian.”

Well all of that is not necessarily true if you don’t have it in your heart.

So, I believe that rastafari starts in the heart with or without the symbols.

Perhaps you don’t want to wear the dreads right now, that’s okay.

Who knows, as you go along, you may decide to wear it later on…or you may not.

Regardless of what you chose, the final decision is really up to you.

If you are worried about someone judging you as not being a true rasta…because you don’t wear the dreads, ask yourself the question, what qualifications do they have to judge me?

I do hope the answer comes back to you with a resounding NONE!

So, go ahead my sister and do what you believe. Become a rastafarian in the heart FIRST, then add the symbols later as you will…you will be fine!


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Apr 13, 2011 Answer
by: Monika My friends says a lot why I do not have dreads as I can be rastafariánka, but I have 17 years and gradually I also think that it comes …


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  1. daniel April 8, 2016 at 7:17 pm #

    m a rastaman but i feel left behind because i realy like that beautiful language/talking!how do i learn the same… is there a book to learn from if yes tell mi where to find it!Ras Dean..Botswana

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