Bolt Wins 100m At World Championships – Silence Doubters

He may not be in tip-top shape, but he makes it count when it really matters…

No one expected him to win this race, his championship was on the line, so was his reputation…and I have to say I had my doubts as well.

He didn’t seem his old self…no antics before the race, just an uncharacteristic serious look.

His qualification runs were less than impressive. It had everyone thinking, it was going to be a long final for him.

He struggled to make the final with a bad start, and you just begin to wonder will he ever get it right during the final. I mean, if he were to stumble in the final, he would never be able to catch Gatlin…not with the way Gatlin is running. this race, he got the start right, and he got his antics right…which told me that his confidence was back, he seemed to have corrected some minor issues during the break…and he was ready to have a good race. He was about to give it his best shot…no matter what.

We all know that best part of his race is the latter 60 meters. That’s when he powers his way through the finish, so if he can get that start, it was going to be a good race.

Well, he did get the start, and he stay in the race with the equally fast starting Gatlin. At 50 m Gatlin is usually way ahead of the pack, but not this time. He saw Bolt in his peripheral vision…right there with him, neck and neck stride for stride.

Gatlin tried to go as fast as he could to pull away from Bolt, but he had reach his maximum speed…Bolt on the other hand was still accelerating.

Gatlin panicked and lost a couple hundreds of a second in the process, meanwhile Bolt continued to accelerated and pulled slightly ahead…enough to carry him across the line ahead of Gatlin.

The reality about a sprinter like Bolt is that his stride length is 1.5 times all the other runners in the race, so all he really have to work on is his stride frequency.

I have to say, I am very impressed with Gatlin because for him to match Bolt like this and to run consistently in the 9.7’s his stride frequency have to be tremendous.  If he had the height like Bolt, things could have turn out the other way. …but then again, his stride frequency may decrease.

Anyways, with that being said, I am proud of Usain Bolt. Clearly, he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be…in this race. He is superman!

I have to give Gatlin kudos too for such a great race…and for giving Bolt the competition of his life. He may not have won this race, but his is a winner in his own right.

Everything that happened today, happened for good for the sport…and I can’t get enough of it.

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