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obama visits Jamaica

Obama Visits Jamaica

US President Barack Obama makes historic Visit to Jamaica…

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Tajaun Gibbison Bow Out In the Finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Tajaun Gibbison Bows Out Gracefully In the Finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Gibbison At the Scripps National Final… It would eventually be a tie, but Tajaun Gibbison did us proud a the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Be this Year In Washington DC, as he was the 10th to last speller to gracefully bow out… The future is definitely bright for this young 13 year old. For the […]

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Jamaican Education

Q: What is Jamaican education like? A: It is one of the best around, it gives students a solid foundation in their areas of study  

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Introduced To Reggae Music in 1970s

by Marina (UK Aylesbury)I was just a normal housewife with children. I always loved soul which was just getting really popular. One day I went to High Wycombe in Bucks and had a drink in one of the local pubs. The music that was being played just held me and did something that no other […]

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trelawny day in ny

Trelawny Day Reunion In NY

Hundreds of Trelawny Natives gather for their 33rd annual Trelawny Day reunion in NY. This  7 day event gives the trelawnians an opportunity to showcase their talents, meet up with old friends, chit chat, and find out about investment opportunities that are available for them.. This week-long celebration begins on Sunday May 18, with a […]

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Jamaican Independence day

Jamaican Independence Day

Video footage of the actual event August 1962 On August 6th 1962, Jamaican independence day was born! After years of Spanish and subsequent British colonial rule, Jamaica was finally allowed to govern it’s own political, economical, and social affairs. The Spanish claimed the Island in 1494 when Christopher Columbus discovered it on one of his […]

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history of Jamaica

History Of Jamaica

This website would not be complete without some history of Jamaica! They say that if you are ignorant to the past, you are doom to repeat its failures! I always find it interesting to know what happened in my country long before I was born…and I have to say that when I read about the […]

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Jamaican Language

English is the official Jamaican Language, but Patois (Patwa) is the language spoken most of the time. so when we speak of language in Jamaica, what we are really referring to is “Patwa.” Here’s a video sample… “Patwa” is a language made up solely of Jamaican words…which is really a combination of English and African dialect. […]

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the rastafarians

The Rastafarians

Jah Rastafari! Ever living, ever faithful, ever sure! Hang around the rastafarians and you will sooner or later hear these words. Rastafarian beliefs dictate this as one of the ways rastas give praise to their god incarnate, Haile Selasse.(see an interview with a rastaman). To really understand what the rastafarians are all about, let’s take […]

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