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by Tressa (Wisconsin) I love Bob Marley cuz my teacher said that i could work on him for a speech..—love dani and taylor Comments for Crazy Average Rating Apr 11, 2011 Answer by: Anonymous Bob Marley did in life immensely many things … it’s true. In 1978, along with Tosh and hosted Wailer One Love Peace […]

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Does persecution for cannabis use violates the First Amendment?

by Jimmy (United States) Q: As a citizen of the United States of America and a firm believer in the rastafari movement, do you believe that the persecution and arrest of those in possession of cannabis violates the first amendment. (The first amendment being, “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting […]

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Become Ratafarian

by Julie Thompson (Canada)Q: Hi. i want to become Rastafarian, i know about the culture, the beliefs and all this, it seems like this is the right “religion” for me. The only problem is i dont want dreadlocks. Is there a way to be Rastafarian without dreads, like grow them fo some time and then grow […]

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Rastafarian Church in Portland, OR?

Photo courtesy of RasMarley Q: I have been Rastafarian for a while and me and a friend of mine who is also Rastafarian built a kind of shrine in a spare room in my house but I wanted to know if there is a larger Church that we could go to in Portland? A: I really […]

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Amedeo Conta;2nd generation Rasta born in babylon.

by Amedeo Conta (Skagit county, wa, USA) I&I fathers name was Richard Conta. Born in a small babylonian town,usa in 1946. He was drafted into the army and was imprisoned for two years because he wouldn’t commit murder for babylon in the vietnam war. After this he found bob marley in the early 1970s and […]

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Rasta Bless’ Story

by Rasta Bless (Uganda) High meditation is all in need I enjoy rastafarians when I joined High school in 2006 when I started smoking Wid time cooled and studied till now at University Am cool and ever smilling I like it where there peace Am always guilty when I exchange hard wordz with someone I […]

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rastafarism, haile selassie

by Andrew (Sweden)Hello. I wanna be a rastafarian…and the last 6 years I have listened to reggae but this summer I found a bigger passion for it then before and I found a new self within rasta… the way of life as the rasta live was more like me! Everything in rastafarism seems like ME […]

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Rasta Man

by Eric (Clarkton,Misspuri- USA)   i had just got done with my true identity Well i grew up with a jamaican step dad (GREAT MAN BY THE WAY) so i herd a lot about bein a rasta I quit eating pork when I grew my locks ths first timesrill don’t have any desire to eat ,pork […]

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by Zee (Nj United States ) I had a dream that I had dreadlocks in a tam/ turban an I had two children an I was happy an I had this dream two to three times an I heard god say this is ur place The dreadlocks I had that dream for a very long […]

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rasta lordgard faadhil

by lordgard faadhil (tanzania kilimanjaro) I greet you in the name of Jah…….. I like to inform u about my page of RASTAFARIAN which is in Facebook is talking about a life style,peace,love and other things which happen in life n destroy our peace….we discuss about keeping our peace and love…….. I welcome you you can […]

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