Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut water benefits are many, they include the following…

  1. Natural isotonic beverage…same level as that which is in the human blood
  2. low in sugar, carbs and 99% fat free.
  3. carry nutrients and oxygen to body cells.
  4. More nutritious than whole milk, has less fat and zero cholesterol
  5. Promotes weight loss.
  6. Balances your PH and reduces the risk of cancer.
  7. boost the immune systes and detoxifies the body.
  8. Replenishes the body’s fluid after streneous exercising
  9. Boost circulation, control diabetes, treat kidney and urethral stones.
  10. Aid the body in fighting flu, herpes, and AIDs viruses.
  11. Naturally cools the body, and raise metobolism.
  12. contains lauric acid which is present in human milk
  13. Identical to human blood plasma
  14. Natural isotonic beverage…same level as that which is in the human blood
  15. Used in IV to save lives in 3rd world countries
  16. Contains more potassium and less sodium and sugar than many top sports and energy drinks.

These are just some of the benefits of coconut water. As you can see, it may just be a good idea to include a glass of natural coconut water in one diet ever so often.

There are many brands of coconut water out there, but you may want to get the natural coconut water straight from the tree itself…no substitutes, additives, or preservatives.

It is said that during the Pacific War of 1941-1945, soldiers regularly used coconut water to a source of emergency IV to soldiers on the battle fied. Why was this possible? Because of its natural isotonic nature.



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