by Susan Evans
(F.W.,Tx.,USA)Q: Ann Marie, love the coconut recipes, is a dry coconut when they turn brown?

Here is the USA we buy a package of already prepared coconut. Not exactly sure how to attack a “real live one!”

My only experience with coconut in the natural was when my Father brought one home when I was a child. He laid it on the table, we all gathered round to look at it. He may have had a machete, but he decided to use a hammer on it.

No doubt my Mother was “delighted” he was doing this on her table! He assaulted it over and over…I had to leave the room, too much flying debris! He finally cracked it, but frankly it was not too appetizing.

This is the same man who would clear weeds in the backyard with a blow-torch. So, when these recipes say “cut up a coconut,” in a matter-of-fact way…well I may be having a stare-down with it on my kitchen table remembering that long passed away relative of its’ I’m sure fresh coconut is much better, but you know what I’m saying?

I’ll probably get mine out of a bag! Love Jamaican Traditions! Susan

A: That’s right Susan, you should get yours out of a bag. I probably need to point that out in the recipe(s).

No I don’t want you to go through the ordeal of breaking a dry coconut with a hammer. That is not good…and really not the way it should be done. That is too dangerous.

In fact, there are kinder more gentler ways of getting to the coconut without putting self a risk.

The packaged versions of the coconut is made just for that.

Thanks for pointing that out and I hope you managed to actually use the recipe and enjoyed the final product.

Anne Marie


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Jul 30, 2011 ….more cocoNUTTY…
by: Susan Not sure what you have read,we must be here at the same time lol. Now seriously give that writing idea some thought! I think I am jealous about you having coconut trees! Do the coconuts have liquid in them when they have turned brown? Sorry for the dumb question. Reading about coconut water is making me want some! Blessings! susan

Jul 30, 2011 I Guess It’s Not A Song
by: Tamaya Wih-Liams Haha This is funny, but living in South Florida, and having family and friends that brought their jamaican farming hobby with them to America I see coconuts, eat coconuts, and drink the coconut milk all the time. We even have a coconut tree in our backyard lol:)



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