Does persecution for cannabis use violates the First Amendment?

by Jimmy
(United States)

Q: As a citizen of the United States of America and a firm believer in the rastafari movement, do you believe that the persecution and arrest of those in possession of cannabis violates the first amendment. (The first amendment being, “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”)

A: Yes and No! Here’s why…

We know that cannabis use is a Rastafarian principle, but Cannabis use in the United States is also illegal. So, even though the law promises not prohibit a religion’s free practice, it assumes that such free practices are legal.

Let’s look at another example. Would it be okay for a religion to conduct human sacrifice as one of its free practices? No, because murder is illegal? Would the High court uphold such practices? No because it is illegal…nor would the public condone it.

But they are not the same, you may say! One is murder and the other is simply smoking cannabis. True, but they are both illegal practices.

Where there is room for mis-interpretation of the law, the High courts makes the final decision…and in doing so, they have to consider the consequences of ruling in favor of illegal religious practices.

It could cause confusion…and set off a precedent for the occurrence of other illegal practices in the name of religion. They cannot afford to run that risk.

So based upon that, they are going to rule in the favor of legality every time. So it is a tough call.

So, does persecuting the Rastafarians violate their first amendment rights?

Yes, in that it is prohibiting a religious practice…and no in that the religious practice is illegal.

To solve the problem, the courts will need to amend the amendment to say specifically what free religious practices are allowed.

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Aug 07, 2012 Continued .. from Keshet Israel
by: Anonymous The 1st Amendment ‘Guarantees’ our Protection, stating emphatically that ‘NO LAWS’ can be ‘Created’ that ‘hinders’ our Religious Exercise!No Law! To me, means ‘NO LAW!’ Being that the Bill of Rights is by oath of every government official to be upheld first and foremost, all State Laws created by Statute of the State must fall into line with the Rights borne us!

What does this mean? It means that States are violating the sincere religious protections of Citizens across the united States daily, simply because the government won’t allow an establishment of Religion to rise up under it’s protections, to associate as a religion that offer’s cannabis, as We chose to in The Entheogenic Reformation Church to it’s members as the Sacred Article of God; that He gave it to us (Sovereign in the image of God) as His children!

In the State of Florida, after ‘articling and incorporating’; allowing the State to know that we as The Entheogenic Reformation Church was going to distribute Cannabis, to it’s members; as given authority by the Council; wherein we drew Cannabis to be a Recognized Sacrament of The Entheogenic Reformation Church. (We did this thru the Centralized consensus of our Members, just as our By laws and council regulations gave procedure too in our charter.

What eventually happen?

Well.. one day my neighbor told me she knew a guy at work that wanted to get some Cannabis from me. I said.. I don’t sell cannabis, I merely distribute it to members of our Church. So, if he wants to get cannabis from me, he will have to come and give me an oath that he recognizes Cannabis as kaneh Bosm from the book of Exodus 30:23.

Well, sometime went buy and the guy had told her that he actually believed that Cannabis was God given; that he used it for religious purposes himself.

I granted him my audience, long enough for him to tell me that he agreed with me about exodus 30:23; that Cannabis was always thought by him to be ‘Sacred’ and he promised to take the Church membership courses as soon as they were fully ready. Upon hearing his confession and welcoming him into membership to the Church, he was able to receive cannabis from the church at cost to His church. He obliged to do so, and so received it from his own Church. The weeks later, after another visit and him on his way.. two officers with masks and one without.. all having guns.. two drawn.. came to my house with a warrant to arrest me for carrying out the duties assigned me by my Church.

I was given 5 felonies and served 7 months, on a ‘no contest’ plea, because the court ‘jury regulations’ denied me the right to have a religious defense!

America The Fallen! -<>< Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12, Isaiah 41:14)

Aug 07, 2012 The First Amendment Persecutions are illegal
by: Keshet Israel Namate & Shalom,I have studied this situation for some time in America, being an Entheogenist born of God (Regenerated) in 1994 by the spirit of God being drawn upon me through an entheogenic marriage supper shared with a man who came to me in the name of Jesus.

In 2000, I chartered ‘The Entheogenic Reformation Church’ but it wasn’t until 2008 that I actually articled and incorporated as a Nonprofit in the state of Florida; The Entheogenic Reformation Church.

We gathered in Council on multiple occasions, for three months we also met as a fellowship at a local Cafe, taking minutes and acting as a counsel for the Church making decisions on our growth as a Church ministering to the needs of the homeless, to police enlightenment and the Entheogenic Reformation of God being carried out in each of our own Entheogenic lives.


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