Elaine Thompson Powers Her Way to Second Gold

Elaine Thompson powered her way to her second Olympic gold medal…this time in the 200 m, as she held off a fierce challenge from dutch woman Daphne Schippers to win in a time of 21.78 seconds.

Running out of lane six, Thompson exploded out of the blocks ahead of the field and never looked back. She powered her way around the bend and came into the straightaway slightly ahead of the pack. Schippers did her best to try and pull Thompson in and for a moment it seemed that she would, but this was not to be.

On this night, Thompson would not be denied. With Schipper pulling along side her, she shifted into overdrive and and with sheer determination found enough energy to pulled away from Schippers for the win by a decent margin.

At the end of the race she was so exhausted that she fell to ground working hard to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Schippers, after crossing the finish line behind Thompson, fell to the ground in exhaustion, frustration, and disappointment.

She did all she could to try and rein Thompson it, but could not. This would be Thompson’s night…and this would be her stage to show the world that she has arrived…and that she will be a force to reckon with for a long time to come.

It was scintillating run from both runners and epitomizes what the Olympics is all about…competition…and bringing out the best at the right moment.

The win was sweet revenge for Thompson who ran second to Schippers last year at the world Championship in the said event. Tonight she turned the tables.

In the qualifying races leading up to the final, Thompson did not show this kind of grit. She simply did enough to get into the finals while saving the best for last. No one knew what to expect from her coming into the final because she missed the Jamaican trials due to a slight injury a month ago, but it’s now clear that what she had up her sleeves.

Schippers was the big favorite going in to the race and was expected to win her first gold medal at the Olympics, but once again a Jamaican has denied her.

With this kind of performance, Thompson seems to have accepted the baton  passed to her by Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce as the future leader of Jamaica’s women’s sprinting. She will be looking to complete the triple later this week in the 4 x 100 m…making it the third consecutive Olympics in which a Jamaican woman won gold in the 100 m, 200m, and the 4 x 100m…a feat that is unprecedented in all of track and field.

The way she is running right now, she may very well pull it off.

At the end of the race, Thompson laid on the ground for about 20 seconds waiting for the results…seemingly unaware that she had won. When the result finally came, she jumped in the air and let off a loud scream…the crowd responded with a loud roar in appreciation of her performance.

American, Tori Bowie finished in third place to take bronze with Ta Lou in fourth.


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