food habits, customs and traditons

by amanda

Q: what is Jamaicas food habits & cutoms/traditons?

A: We eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast usually include a hot cup of tea (usually herbal, coffee, milo, horlicks). We may have some boiled bananas with some calaloo, or some fried dumplings with ackee and saltfish, or just bread and butter...or better yet an egg sandwich. We may even have some orange juice or the fruit itself among other fruits.

For lunch, we may have patty, cocoa bread, cooked food, with a box drinks or so from the local patty shop. We may even have some bun an cheese.

Dinner is always a cooked meal sometime around 5:00 pm. It can come from any of our local dishes.
However, on saturdays, we traditionally drink soup, and sunday we have rice and peas and chicken. On Ben Johnson day, we use what we can is running out and it is time to go back to the marked and supermarket.

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