France Humbled The Reggaeboyz 8-0

France Humbled The Reggaeboyz 8-0 – Football is truly a cruel game.  One moment the reggaboyz were on a high, the next moment they are taken to their lowest.

In a game where France scored early, the goals just kept on coming…and it seems like the early goals took the wind out of the reggaeboyz.

It was evident up front and in the back. Our defense today was totally absent. I felt really sorry for Jacombe Barret. He was at the mercy of the France top class strikers, who drove 8 past him.

If there is anything the team need to work on it is the defense…too many players isolated against the speedy French strikers. Somehow the team need to practice group defending and stay as compact as possible, moving quickly and effectively to cut off the attacking play in their area…together!

The french strikers had way too much time to set the ball and shoot on goal. The defenders were simply no where to be found….not moving quickly enough to close down the attacker.

The second issue was we looked good in midfield, but we are not sending the through ball to the strikers. For some unknown reason, we seem to be going backwards with the ball, focusing too much on maintaining possession and not finishing when we get at the top of the box. The french goalkeeper was hardly tested.

The third issue was that several times the team got an opportunity to counter on the break away. Instead of taking advantage and moving quickly towards goal…numbers up, they slow the ball down in the middle field and allow the French team to recover…I just don’t understand this…

Those are the three areas I saw. I hope the team is not too down right now because loses like these can really knock the heck out of you and make you think…”what’s the sense?….we cannot beat France anyways…”

I hope they watch the tape and look at the areas they need to work on and come back again. Because, they have the basics. France was simply a better team today and it showed.

…but then again we are re-building..aren’t we? That’s what I think.

This is where coach Schaefer is going to really earn his paycheck…if he can get these guys to rebound from this devastating loss then he is a true coach.

that’s it for now, Later I will give a more detail report on the game: who score and so on…but for now enjoy the second half highlights, that’s all I was able to catch…

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