Germany Down France 1-0 In Quarterfinals

An early goal from the head of Mat Hummels and Germany down France 1-0 in the quarterfinals.

Game Highlights

With this win Germany moves on the semi-finals to play the winner of the Colombia vs Brazil game.

The game started with Germany having most of the possession and France seeming content with absorbing the attack and counter quickly when the opportunity arises.

Six minutes into the game, France began to gain possession and started launching their own attack. France would get their first shot on goal from a Valbuena pass into the box and Benzema placed wide of goal.

On the 10th minute Sako send a pass over the top to Creezman who was open but the German defense recovered to prevent the shot.

In the 12th minute  Mats Hummels finished with a solid header into the top right hand corner of the goal from a Klose free kick 35 yards out. German went up 1-0

Germany seems to be getting most of the possession and won another free from a Patrice Evra challenge. Ozil took it and Germany won a corner. the corner won another corner, but the second corner went for naught.

Germany complete the  win 1-0 and moves on to a 4th consecutive world cup semi-finals. No other nation has achieved this.

 France vs Germany  France vs Germany
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 France Germany quarterfinals  France Germany quarterfinals
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 Germany Down France 1-0 In Quarterfinals  world cup quarterfinal preview


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