how do i get a rastafarian license?

by Josh Farison
(United States)

Q: I have been a "rastafarian" for a few years now and I am ready to make the next step. I want to know how to officially become a legal rastafarian in the United States and use Jah's holy herb legally in America, so that I can meditate and bring myself closer to him without the fear of jail time for my religion and way of life.

I'm looking for an official rastafarian license and I don't know where to find one. I'd really appreciate the help. May Jah be with you, and remember One Love.

A: Josh, I hear you, but you are going to have to go to next level in your religion without the approval of the government, because in reality, there is no official rastafarian license.

As far as the government is concerned, herb smoking is illegal, rastafarian or not. There are individuals out there fighting it right now, but it going to take a while to see any changes.

Back in 2003, Ras Iyah Ben Makahna won a partial victory in the US' 9th Circuit Court after he argued that he used cannabis as a sacrament, but that was about the article here.

Since then, nothing has really changed.

The only way you can smoke herb legally is if it is medically related...and there are all kinds of red tapes with that...Check out these states where herb usage is herb

So, move on to the next level, my friend, but don't expect the government to support you.

Peace and love!

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May 09, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your input. May Jah be with you.

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