How do people in Jamaica treat Russians?

by Serge
(Russia)Q: Hello. I wonder how do people in Jamrock treat Russians. I`am Russian and want to spent vacation in Jamaica. I`m fond of your “kulcha” for a pretty long time, but I still have no idea about relations between these two nations. Much love an respect. Bless

A: As far as I know, Serge, we have no “beef” with Russians. We welcome one and all to our lovely Island.

In fact, we love our visitors so much that we treat them all with the same respect. We make it our business to ensure that all visitors are at ease when they come here.

So all I can say, if you want to take a vacation here, come on down. We have some of the best hotels and resorts to fit your needs. Here’s one. Check it out: Sandals Beach Resort

Looking forward to hear your story after your visit. (I hope you come.)

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Dec 30, 2012 pure love to all
by: Sammoy i am Jamaican and i love the Russian culture, i have always wanted to meet a Russian person, I think the accent is so sexy.

Jan 27, 2012 Russians “Kultcha”. 
by: May Jamaica We love our visitors and respect one and all. Large resorts are not what your after, Treasure Beach for instance, you’ll get your “Kultcha” mixing with the people of the community and enjoying our beaches. 


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