Introduced To Reggae Music in 1970s

by Marina
(UK Aylesbury)I was just a normal housewife with children. I always loved soul which was just getting really popular. One day I went to High Wycombe in Bucks and had a drink in one of the local pubs. The music that was being played just held me and did something that no other music had done before. That was it!

 I couldn’t get enough! This was back in the 70’s. One day,I said to myself, I will go to the carribean and experience it for myself.

In 1986, I had enough money saved for my first trip, which was very hard to do then. People didn’t go to the caribbean unless they were rich, which I wasn’t.

We threw a party for all our friends as a celebration of going to Barbados. We had a wonderful time. To hear all the music and see the culture was amazing. That was it really. We were hooked!

From there on, we were going nearly every year money permitting. The years have gone by and I am now 66 years old, but I still go and still can’t get the feeling of the music out of my body.

It seems to excite and thrill me the same as it did way back then. Sometimes, people look at me and think what can she know about such music? Well, I know a lot and I love it.

My funeral song will be “No woman no cry.”

I have already instructed this, but hey, not for a few years yet.

I hope this has been interesting for you to read, as it has been for me to experience.

Peace and love to all!

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Nov 27, 2009 Interesting story!
by: Paul Wow! it sound like you are a true reggae fan!

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