Is it a stereotype that all Jamaican men have multiple partners?

Q: Is it a stereotype that all Jamaican men have multiple partners? From what I have seen, it looks like they are actually encouraged to have more than one partner as a symbol of their manhood.

A: Yes it is a stereotype! Jamaican men are not the only ones that have multiple partners, there are other men around the world who have multiple partners as well.

It is just the nature of man…unless of course, he has some kind belief that prevents him from making that choice.

…and there are Jamaican men who have chosen to stick with one partner…for life. Sound strange? Well, it exists. It may not be a lot, but it’s real.

So, it is just a matter of choice that is based upon the individual’s belief, mindset, desires…and of course quite heavily on what the culture accepts.

For some it may very well be a symbol of their manhood, for others it may not be. It could be that they just love women…or just have a weakness for multiple partners!

But whatever the reason, it is not just a Jamaican men thing, it is worldwide.


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May 06, 2011 Infideliy
by: Anonymous Q:It Is known that infidelity is a problem In all different cultures around the world. Is it more acceptable (by both the men and women) in the Jamaican culture? Not that this is right or wrong because different cultures view different subjects differently. Just curious…

A: Not really. In our culture, infidelity is not acceptable. In fact, it cause “nuff” problems…and “nuff” people lose their lives over it.

But, many still do it…to the point where it has become normal.

However, normal does not make it acceptable.

It’s called “freedom of choice.” You are free to choose your sexual behavior as long as you are not breaking the law.

Sex is fun. Everybody love it, so they explore.


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