Jahmar aka marleymar

by Jahmar Francis

Why I became a rasta??? Well ever since I was a yute growning up in Jamaica I had high respect for Rastas, even tho my father was a ras and I basically grew up without him.

Just because I disliked being anything like him I looked away from being a ras, but it was something I couldn’t runaway from. I fell in love with nature and the fruits Mother Nature brought forth.

Growing up I loved my fruits and vegetables and always wanted to find piece like a ras I knew back home called bigga. When I moved back to the Bronx respected me for being a loving person no matter how bad I tried to be lol. Well the summer after I dropped out of college I was growning my hair and I had these twists in for a while and they started to lock.

That day I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders , that even the breeze felt different. That was when I knew it was written in my DNA to become a ras, I always had the heart of a lion but that’s when the lion in me was awaken.

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Mar 31, 2013 Greetings RAS
by: Amedeo Conta Ini story is similar. My father was a RAS and died when I was 6. I too felt abandoned, but eventualy was called by JAH!

Feb 15, 2013 jah bless
by: Paul well man , good for you, i got the same feeling about rasta, Jah Bless


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