Jamaica Upset USA In Gold Cup Semifinal 2-1

Finally The Big Win!

While all the football analyst are still doubting, the Reggaeboyz are allowing their football to do the talking!

Everyone expected the USA to beat them in today’s Gold cup semifinal, but the boyz had other plans. They capped off a great undefeated Gold Cup run (thus far) with a HUGE win over the mighty USA.

…and even after the big win, the analyst are still not showing any respect. Instead they are talking about the chances the USA made that cost them the game. …but we all know why. They don’t think Jamaica is good enough to win the Gold cup…and they want either the USA or Mexico to represent the Concacaf in the Confederations Cup.

Well that’ too bad, it has not happened. The USA is out…and Mexico is going to have to slay “little David.”

Let’s take a look at the team…

Jamaica has just as many talented players as the USA. I don’t know why in the world the analysts cannot see that.

The USA have MLS players Jamaica has MLS players. The USA have players who play in Europe, so does Jamaica…and to cap it off, Jamaica has a great coach, who understands the game, and how to get a group a talented, hunger players to play together effectively as a winning team.

Our strikers, Darren Mattocks, and Giles Barnes ply their trade in the MLS, so they are as good as any.

Our midfielders the tough tackling, physical Rudy Austin and Javaughn Watson, the skillful hard running Jobi McAnuff, and the solid untiring Garath McLeary are as rugged as any.

Our tough tackling smart defenders Adrian Mariappa, Wes Morgan, Michael Lawrence, and Kemar Lawrence and just as solid as any…

These are all solid, fearless, fundamentally sound football players…who can play with anyone….and they are showing it with their “new” possession style ball movement.

What in the world are these analyst looking at? I tell you what they are looking at…Jamaica’s past performance.

They kept talking about how the USA pressured Jamaica in the second half. Guys this is because the Boyz changed tactic. I don’t agree with the way they defended in the last half, it is very dangerous to play that way against a team as good as the USA, because at any given time one of the attacks can slip through and result in a goal. I have seen it happen time and again.

…but in this case,  it worked. I believe that the best defense is a possession style offense. When a team keeps the ball, the opposing team cannot get it to launch attacks…but that team must also take care of the potential counter-attacks…if it lose the ball.

For whatever reason the Boyz decided to abandon their possession style offensive attacks in the latter part of the second half and resort to putting all the players behind the ball to defend their one goal lead. That’s what resulted in the numerous attacks…not that the “mighty” USA is a superior team.

Incidentally, they did the same thing against a good Haiti team and the Haitian team launched attacks as well. Don’t like it! …but it worked there as well.

In spite of that, the boyz showed clearly in the first half and much of the second half… that they can hold their own, they can possess the ball, and they can attack from the flanks, they can switch the ball…and much more…just like any other team. I just wish they would do it the whole game.

Well Mr. Analyst sorry, this is not the same Jamaica team and in time you will see for yourself. These Boyz have not lost a game in their gold cup run…and they have played against some quality teams…including the mighty USA.

Yes it is only the 2nd time they beat the USA after playing some 23 times…and yes the USA has dominated over the years, but this is a new year and a new game.

It is a mistake to measure a teams performance today, by what they have done in the past. Give credit where credit is due…regardless of the past.

Sorry USA, you should not have underestimated the Boyz!

You should have shown them the respect that they deserve in this Gold cup run…and perhaps they would not have been so motivated to take you down.

…Oh and by the way, it is not over, these Boyz are not done yet, they have a Gold Cup on their mind…and the world cup qualification in mind as well.

The losses that they had against the top Copa America teams were just measuring sticks to see where they were.

I have to say they have made great strides…and I believe that there is more to come. They have made a believer out of…ME.

I am on the bandwagon now. I can feel the energy and the vibe…and I believe the whole Jamaica is catching on…

Thanks Coach Schaefer, you are the best!

Well done Boyz!

Next up, another Concacaf kingpin, Mexico. Let’s see how that one turn out. I will be watching.

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