Track and Field, Football, and cricket are the top three Jamaican sports!

Track and Field This, in my opinion, is the number one sport on the Island…with football running a close second!

Year after year we enjoyed the excitement that this sport brings to the island.

Just about every school child participates from as far back as primary school.

Young children quickly find out just how fast they are by competing in local in-school competitions.

Competition is organized in “houses” …which compete against each other for school supremecy.

Usain Bolt

From this, we identify the best individual athletes and send them to represent each high school in the local Eastern and Western championships. From this, the best of the best is selected and sent to compete at the boys and girls champs at the national stadium in Kingston…the grand daddy of them all.

This is where they really find out how good they really are.

Athletes like Usain BoltAsafa PowellShelly-ann FraserVeronica campbellMelaine WalkerKerron StewartShericka Williams,Brigette Foster-Hylton and Dwight Thomas , were discovered at these champs.

When we find outstanding athletes, We quickly link them with world class coaches…who help nurture and fine-tune their talents for the future.

This has been happening in Jamaican sports for as long as I can remember.

Our success at the 2008 Olympics and 2009 world Championships was long overdue. In the past, we always came up short at the big games…unti, of course, Usain Bolt, and Veronica Campbell came on the scene.

Their win in the big sprints was sweet victory…not only for their individual achievements, but for the country as well.

Suddenly, other young athletes began to believe that they can actually win the big one…and in no time, it really began to happen. No longer do they settle for second, or third…or fourth for that matter, but for the WIN!

This really means a lot to the Jamaican sports program.

Football If you ever visit the island, you will find that football is played in every little corner just about everyday. As soon as the day cools in the evening, everyone show up at the fields to enjoy themselves.

We also have annual local high school competition where all the rural high schools on the western end of the island compete against each other for football supremacy.

Meanwhile, in the east the city schools compete for eastern dominance.


Towards the end of the football season, the top rural school competes with the top city school for bragging rights as the top football school in the country.

This is a breeding ground for our local talents…many of whom goes on to become successful professionals. One of the most intriguing thing on the island is to see who is going to be the next Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, or Ricardo Fuller.

Our most notable success todate is our first ever appearance in the world cup finals in 1989. The reggaeboyz did themselves proud when they won one of their three first round games against Japan: 2-1.

This will long be remembered as the day when Jamaican football took to the world stage. Even though we have not qualified for another world cup since then, the Boyz are still hungry for more.

The current football administration is working on setting up football academies on the island. The should give the program the boost it needs to raise the game level on the island…possible make us more frequent participants in the world cup finals.

-Jamaica Vs USA Gold Cup 2011

Cricket This is popular Jamaican sports #3…

This sport has been around for a long long time…and was once the most popular on the island…until football and track came along.

Each year, the Jamaican team plays in regional Caribbean championship against the likes of Trinidad, Barbados, Antigua, and Guyana.

The winner gets bragging rights in the caribbean…the best players get selected to the West Indies cricket team which plays for world dominance against the likes of England, Australia, India, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, and others.

What’s Next In Jamaican Sports?

The 2012 Olympics is on the horizon. I can assure you that our athletes are working their butts off! The big Question is…who is going to take down the mighty “lightning” BOLT?

We will just have to wait and see. But! In the meantime, I will make my prediction. “None One!” Not at this stage in his game. I would not be surprised to see him come out faster and stronger than ever…and probably run a 9.4 or less in the 100m.

World cup football qualifying is coming up soon as well. We still have not seen the football academy, so how much better we are as a team is left to be seen. There is no doubt that we have the individual skills…but the question is, can we come together as a team..and win the big games. That’s up in the air too!

World class cricket is ongoing as we speak. In fact, the west Indies is now on a tour against England. Lately they have not been as dominant as the team of the 70’s and 80’s. But! we are hoping for the emergence of a young brilliant cricketer who will take us there.

That’s it for now. We will continue to add Jamaican sports news to this page as they come. So don’t forget to check back

…and please let us know, how we are doing, and how we can do better. as this website evolves.

In the meantime, I want to invite you to share any Jamaican sports you see anywhere that’s worth talking about. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and submit…or just click the “share sports News” box at the top of the page


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