Jerk recipes

Love yu wok mi breda/sista!

Jus one ting. Nuh gi weh di jerk recipe an process. Wen KFC, McDonals and Burger King come JA dem gi weh dem recipe? No Jamaican frachisee ha fi pay fa. Memba how McDonals Inc sue di JA man name McDonald affa di man done have im name an restaurant long before US McDonald come a JA? People a US, Canada,etc.(no fi wi people)tek di recipe, market dem an mek nuff $$. Maata Stewart do it affa Jamaican chef gi ar him jerk recipe. 

JA an odda ol’ colony no poor by accident. Yu no seh JA used to be wol #1 sugar producer inna slavery time? King Gaage III did all call JA “the gem in my crown.” Why? We use fi mek di mos $$ fi him. Immediately affa dem free di slave dem affa 1832 revolt, dem cut off protection status fi JA suga. Why? If massa cyan mek di $$ offa di suga, di ex slave dem na get i eida. A so certain people rich an oda people poor an a get poorer. Beg u NU GI WE DI JERK RECIPE AND PROCESS. Me glad seh dem love JA culcha, but mek dem go a JA restaurant(nuff de a farin) or go a JA pon vacation fa. JA an wi people need di $$. 

A: Well said sah, but next time write inna English Patwa hard fi read.

As fi di recipe, a nuh me a give it way. It out de long time…and it comes in a different variety. Trus me dem get di recipe but dem no know how fi cook it right. So no care wha dem do de caan mek di Jerk like yawd, dem still affi come yah fi get di real ting.

anybody get get a recipe and try fi cook, but only we Jamaicans know how fi cook it the original way.


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  1. lubangakene moris July 29, 2014 at 4:52 pm #

    am so much interested in learning Jamaican language.

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