living condition of Jamaica in the 1900s were?

what are the economic, social and living conditions of Jamaica in the 1900s for the rural class of people, did they have houses? what kind, could they afford food? what type, what was their diet like? did they toilets or pit latrines, was there a lot of diseases;could they afford medical help, could they afford clothing, minimum wage did what, how many where employed ?

A: The 1900’s wasn’t much different from now. You had middle class, and upper class citizens, also the lower class. Some individuals could afford health care and some could not. 

Persons were also living in big houses with all the required accommodations, such as bath rooms, three bedrooms and sometimes four bedrooms. While some people lived in one bedroom and the bathroom would be outside and also the kitchen. 

Inflation was not so high back then, persons could afford the basic food items who were living on the minimum wages they even saved out of that to developed themselves. 

By opening their own businesses Jamaican people are blessed they are resourceful with God help. As far as I know no epidemic was not cause by being poor because the majority of Jamaicans are clean. The type of food that they eat was rice, chicken, Flour, bread. 

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