Local People Buying Behavior

by Jaydon Lin
1. Product-use patterns.
2. Product feature preferences
3. Shopping HabitEspecially for wine…or other commdities.

A: You need to be specific about the products you want to know about…and please put it in the form of a question…much appreciated.

…now since you mentioned wine, I can tell you that we Jamaicans spend a lot of money on local wines including stones ginger wine, red label, magnum, Real vibes, Wincarnis Tonic wine, Sanatogen Tonic wine…

These are wines with added values: nutritional, performance, and so on…

We don’t particularly care about the so-called “fancy” wines. You will find more interest for those in hotels where visitors gather…so not much money spent there among locals.

…but like I said, be more specific about the other products and I can tell you more.

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May 15, 2011 local people buying habit
by: Ann Marie Hi Jaydon,
whatever you decide, you will need test the market.
People buy beer and wine on a very regular basis. Mainly red stripe and heineken beers, and of course the wines I mentioned in the previous response.
The only product feature I can think of is advertising. I can’t tell you too much here because I don’t know much about marketing. This is just what I see. Just about everyone is familiar with these liquors so it hardly take advertising. Once a new liquor comes out, it has to pass the jamaican taste test.

One of the wines I mention “real vibes” is pretty new. but just about everyone likes it because of the taste and added benefits.

So think “added benefits” if you are going to market to Jamaicans.

Once again we Jamaicans can buy liquor just about anytime at the local supermarket, local shop, local bar. We drink it at dances, parties, and so on and so forth.

So if you can produce a product that everyone likes you should be okay.

Hope this helps.

Ann Marie

May 15, 2011 local people buying habit
by: jaydon Hi,I am very appreciate your response, and thank you.

Well, because our project is that we want to export Irish Bushmil Whisky to Jamaica, we need to analyze the customer buying behaviors for such kind of product.

Product-use paterrn, which means how often you buy wine, beer, and the range of age for consumption of alcohol, and so forth.

Product features preference, which means the appereance of products, or other features that attract customers to buy the whisky.

Final one is shopping habits, what kind of alcohol or liquor that local people often buy and consume it. And when, where is easiest to buy whisky or beer.

Best regard,



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