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Hi I have a question , my boyfriend posted a picture of he and I on Facebook to be viewed, well he made the 1st comment and it stated sweet couple:)) , well the next comment was from a female friend , and she commented after him and said ,,, ( u a give me bun ). so I’m not sure what that means in PATWA , can you help me with this …Thanks I want to respond to the comment but uncertain because don’t know what she is saying Thanks in advance ..

A: It means he is cheating on her


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Nov 11, 2013 Giving Bun( cheating comment) by: Anonymous But, keep in mind, that comment might be made jokingly, as Jamaicans are famous for that.You need to find out the depth of their relationship to determine if it is just a joke or something more. Most likely, it does not mean that he is actually cheating on you, but he and that person may have known each other in school, church, community and had a friendly relationship.

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