Ras Dyer

by Hunter dyer

(Hansville , Washington,America )

 I have my entire life had great respect for everyone on this earth, all colors shapes and forms. I have also deeply believed In racial equality. I have always heard about the rasta but I never really looked it up or anything but one day I looked it up and I just read a lot of stories and the beliefs of the rasta and I just made the commitment that this is who I am in my heart . I am white but i believe the story and follow the ways and I think that that’s enough .

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Oct 16, 2012 So there is one part I dont get…
by: Anonymous Let me start by saying I’m not an ignorant, I have been friends with many Rastas, am actually close close friends with 1 Reggae legend who was Rasta, and now teaches a more universal message. So this is my question…and it just came to me because I had never heard that Rasta had a hatred for whites and wanted to get them back for their wickedness until I came across this page… I was friends for a while with many Rasta in the Los Angeles area, called 12 tribes of Isreal, they were black, white, asian, whatever…all gods children right? so if that is truly what it takes to be Ras Tafarian then how could a “white” truly embrace this way of life? No judgement, just Anthropologic curiousity I suppose…One Love, One World, One Destiny!!

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