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by Austin (United states)

I became a Rastafarian because I truly believe that Haile selassie was not only devine but was the incarnation of jah. Being a rasta to me means that I believe in selassie being Devine and Jah being not only in me but in I and I. …and last but not least that Marcus Garvey was the prophet. Day to day I smoke, pray to Jah, do not eat meat, salt, or consume alcohol. I worship everyday. My holiday’s are Jan 6, April 21, July 23, Aug 1, Aug 17, and Nov 2. Jah bless!!!!!

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Jun 12, 2011 the rasta way of life is just the best  by: Anonymous jah bless!!!!!!!

Feb 09, 2011 Response to the holidays question by: Austin January 6th- the ceremonial birthday of Selassie. April 21st- Selassie’s visit to Jamaica. July 23rd- Selassie’s personal birthday. August 1st- Emancipation of slavery. August 17th- Marcus Garvey’s birthday. November 2nd- Coronation of Selassie.

Jan 27, 2011 Holidays that you celebrate by: Michael What do all these holidays represent?

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