Rasta BlackFire

by Patrick Steve Beadle aka BlackFire Music
(P.O. Box 3615 Berkeley, Californian 94703)

BlackFire Rasta Roaring

BlackFire Rasta Roaring

BlackFire Rasta Roaring BlackFire Rasta Life BlackFire Rasta Living Love BlackFire

I am BlackFire. I like how Bob Marley say, “Mon nah become Rasta Mon born Rasta!” Then again he sing “Haile Sellassie is the chapel he’s the only King of Kings…” Then Peter Tosh The Bush Doctor say “Jah Rastafari Almighty” an again Tosh sing “…the rich man’s wealth is in the city….the poor mans wealth is in a “wholly… Holy” place.

When a Stars light that has been shining from ever since finally reaches earth and man see it can man say that the light just start shining. No… man say the light just reach earth. The spirit didn’t wake up when man woke up the spirit woke man up. LOL. 🙂 seen.

Don’t let the Babylonians come an “write” Rasta History I an I mus’ “Right” our own Record. Like Rasta Bob (Tuff Gong) say, “Half the story neva bin told…”
and Tosh say “Legalize it don’t criticize it…I’ll advertise it!!!” Rasta have ta speak ’bout Rasta. Notice what they want to tell us ’bout Rasta

Questions/Lies by Babylon:
1. Haile said he not Divine

2. Hate for White People

3. Black Superiority

1. Haile said he is not God. YET “God” is a Man made word
The word “God” can not contain Divinity. The word “God itself is fraudulant because if you spell “GOD” the other way you get “DOG” so inherent in the man made terminology/nomenclature is a deception.
note: the “English Pirates” use to terrorize the seas and compete for African Slaves and SPOKE “English” where the “Word” God was derived…these The Queen of England Affectionately call “SEA DOGS!!!” God is a Greek concept. Divinity is African!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haile Sellassie has his titles he doen’t need any from Babylon…. He is Divine “King of Kings Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah”

2. Hate White People
So what Reggae song tell people to Hate White People… If this was eva a tenant of Rasta Faith would it not show up somewhere in Rasta Music. White is a Philosophy a way of thinking that was perfected in Europe in order to Justify the “Slave Trade” HIS Majesty RastaFari Haile Sellassie 1st said at the Geneva conference before Heads of State and World leaders “until the PHILOSOPHY that holds one RACE SUPERIOR and another INFERIOR is permanently eradicated and eliminated…until the COLOR of a man’s skin is no more significant than the COLOR of his eyes then everywhere is WAR.” Peter Tosh, Reggae Rasta Star sing a classic combination with “Mick Jagger” song name “Walk and Don’t Look Back”

There is not a hint of prejudice or racism or hate of white in the Great Reggae Rasta Artist Peter Tosh. Nor is there a hint of hate or racism in Any of the True Rasta Ambassadors. In fact remember Morgan Heritage sing “you don’t have to Dread to be Rasta… This is not a DreadLock thing it’s a Divine Concept of the Heart”

3. Black Superiority Question
Black is the First Man in Creation. An older Brother/Sister for all the Races that have evolve since that Original Man. It is The Melanin in the Black Man that makes his skin compatible with the African Sun… the Birth Place of Civilization is Abysinnia, Kush, Nubia, the Area they Call Sudan, Ethiopia, Jiboutu. Superior “questions” have been engineered in the laboratories along with “racism” and “class-ism” and “capitalism” and other rat like “isms!!!!”

There are a group of people out there who refuse to accept that the Black Man is the First man of Creation. The same ones paint Jesus White… “Divide an Rule is their whole plan yet I a no fool because I OVERSTAND… I an I a King of the Jungle” Bob say, “I didn’t come to bow I man come to Conquer!!!” This is what the Priest Emmanuel tell the Bobo Rasta in the Hills… RastaFari is the Black Christ Return in His Kingly Character. Now they have to look on the face of one they scorn.

That is the Reason BlackFire Dub Reggae Poet write the song “Black Beauty” because they take our History and turn it into fairytales like “Beauty and The Beast”

“Beauty and the East
Travel Light watch your speech
Babylon By Bus
Still Momma won’t let I cuss
Trust broken Like bad Ideals
The Beast becomes the Beautiful
And Truth is what’s real”

I Trod Up and Live Up Rasta From ever since because Rasta is Life and Healing for those who were perishing.
Babylon is graduating Thieves and Murderers. For I living Life Full (LIVITY) is worth all the Challenges of this Journey… So Like Sizzla say I smoke the herb and keep a humble thought. Jah RastaFari Haile Sellassie 1st Almighty Love (suggest reading “My Life and Ethiopias Progress” by Haile Sellassie 1st/ “Kebra Negast” foreward by Ziggy Marley/ “This Land Is My Land” by BlackFire/ “Dear Dad” by Kymani Marley



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Irie Love, BlackFire


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Jul 05, 2011 About being Rastafarian
by: susan evansAnonymous I really enjoyed your perspective, I’ve read some comments from those who said they were Rasta, that held a lot of hatred for the white race. No one has any say concerning what race they are. God makes us all exactly the way He wants us. He said we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” We should rejoice at what is unique about each person. We are the living example of how creative God really is! I must admit Rasta Blackfire I have a hard time understanding how the use of marijuana is so essential to fellowshipping with God. Perhaps it’s a cultural issue I don’t understand. I know God made everything, and it has a purpose, but I would not eat or drink everything because it is part of creation. Not all things are beneficial to me. Can you explain this part of your belief to me? I would surely appreciate your insight.Blessings – Susan

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