Rasta Food

Q: I'm doing an assignment on a special diet and have choose to do rastafarian diet. Could you please let me know which food cannot be eaten and why please?

A: Some allowed foods...
Sesame glazed beans - from green beans, a red bell pepper, dry mustard, honey and sesame seeds;

Ital soup - from yam, pumpkin, cabbage, green pepper, garlic, sweet potato, carrots and tomato; crispy raw vegetable summer rolls, made up of carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, peanuts, soy, ginger and garlic;

Irie salad - made up of corn cobs, sweet potatoes, onion, green onions and apples

Kola juice - from grated kola nuts.

Some Unallowed Foods...
Pork - scavenger, unclean.

Sea Food - shellfish(...including lobster, crabs lobster shrimps) are scavengers (Fish, is eaten if they have scales and less than 12 inches long).

Meat - some Rastas do not eat any type of meat, as they believe that touching meat is the same as touching death. However, meat in general is not forbidden as long as it comes from a clean animal such as a cow, goat, sheep, duck or chicken.

...these however, are unclean and forbidden: rabbit, camel, horse and birds of prey.

Eggs- not fit for human consumption.

Milk - animal milk is not natural for the human body...should be avoided.

Artificial Additives and Chemicals - foods containing artificial additives or chemicals are considered to be destructive to the body...including processed foodsm artificial sweeteners, artificial colorants.

Canned Foods - anything food that is pickled or fermented is similar to changing the body into a cemetery

Salt - not forbidden, but most rastas avoid processed salts...all the salt that the body needs to survive is found in plants.

Caffeine - a stimulant coffee, black tea, sodas, and chocolate...not good for the body.

Alcohol - destructive to the body...body is the temple of JAH and should not be polluted.

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