Rasta with tattoos?

by Jonnah
(The Keys)

Q: Everything about my heart and soul is Rasta. I have always meditated, never realizing who I was connecting with. I now see it was Jah the entire time. I felt the actual need to have my locks, always wanting to resemble a lion. Now I understand why. Unfortunately, before this awakening, I went out and got quite a few (visible) tattoos and piercings. (the piercings have been removed.) I wouldn't say I regret them because at the time it was what I believed I wanted. I know in my heart I am Rasta and Jah still has love for me. I just don't want anyone questioning my beliefs. Wondering your thoughts on this subject, and if it's acceptable?

Jah bless!

A: Well, you already have them so what can you do about it? Nothing...Jah understands. Remember, Rasta is from the heart, not in the tatoos, the dreads, the marijuana...or anything else.

Yes you are concerned about how others will look at you calling yourself a rasta with tatoos, but I can assure you that if you exemplify the true characteristics of a Rasta in your actions, you will find that the tatoos will become the least of your worries.

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