Reggae Boyz Take On Egypt Today

Reggae Boyz Take On Egypt Today

Reggae Boyz Practicing

With two encouraging displays already under their belt, the Reggae Boyz take on Egypt today in London. Coach Winfried Schaefer is expecting them to continue on this trend…and if possible come away with a win.

Thus far, they seem to be on that path with a 1-2  loss to Serbia and then a 1-0 loss to world Cup bound #8 FIFA ranked team Switzerland.

With Blake, Demar Phillips, Darren Mattocks, and Keithy Simpson returning to their respective clubs, Goalkeeper Ryan Thompson, who now plays in the lower tier American league, Montego Bay United striker Dino Williams, and Norwich’s 20 year old youngster Jamar Loza have joined the team.

Blake was brilliant in goal in the two games he played, so it is left to be seen how well his replacement stands up to the challenge.

Reggae Boyz Take On Egypt Today

Reggae Boyz


Today’s game should be intriguing and should tell Coach Schaefer how well the boyz continue to progress. Clearly the players have the skills to compete, but it is left to be seen if they have the heart and the will to win. We know that at this level, skill alone does not count. Desire and heart is what takes you over the hump, especially when the teams are closely matched.

The immediate objective is to build a cohesive unit, potent strike force, dynamic midfield, and solid back line as they look to the upcoming Copa America competitions and build towards the future.

We will keep you posted on the results of the game…and good luck to the Boyz today.

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