Reggae Boyz To Play In Copa America 2015

reggae boyz to play in copa america 2014The Reggae Boyz have been invited to play in Copa America 2015…to be hosted in Chile. The team will play against the likes of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Mexico (the only other CONCAF team). 

This will give the team an opportunity to play against top quality teams outside of CONCAF…in a competitive environment.  If all goes well,  the team will play in the competition every year. To get in, they just need to win the Caribbean Cup. This is good for Jamaican football…as the focus now is to build for the future.

Since qualifying for the world cup in France in 1998, the Boyz have failed 5 times to qualify for a return trip. Clearly current strategies don’t work, it is time for a change…and it starts with competitions like this.reggae boyz to play in copa america 2014

There is no question that we have the talent, the athleticism…and a crazy love for the sport, we just need to put it all together and make it count when it really matters. Kinda remind me of another sport: track and field. For years we showed promise on the international scene, but we kept coming in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, but just could not get 1st place in the big races…until recently…

reggae boyz to play in copa america 2014I applaud the effort and am optimistic that it will pay off. Hopefully we will see the fruits of our labor by the next world cup qualifications. If Countries like the USA and Mexico, who are perennial World Cup qualifiers can do it, so can we.
We now have a Coach with proven track record and influence, we just need a working system. Coach Schaefer and the the football fraternity is moving in the right direction and we applaud the effort.

Identifying top talent across the country at the youth and professional levels is just one step…exposing them to international competition at the highest level is another…both are just as critical .

It is not enough to play among ourselves…and with mediocre competition. We need to measure our progress against the best. Only then will we know where we are and what we need to do next.reggae boyz to play in copa america 2014

…also, If we can develop local talent to the highest level,  then we will a slew of players to choose from. That coupled with the available international players will be a definite plus…

Our recent world cup qualification exploit was dismal. We need to put it behind us quickly. What better way to do it than to build a foundation that will bring success for a long time to come

That being said, the team will kick off a number of international friendlies in the next couple weeks against the likes of Serbia, Egypt, Switzerland and France. We will keep you posted on that…and we wish them well.

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