Rosehall Great House

House History
Rosehall great house is one of the most intriguing attractions on the island of Jamaica.

Once surrounded by a hugesugar cane plantation, it is approximately 6,600 acres of land and had over 2000 slaves working on it!

English planter, George Hall began building it in the 1750s by and named it after his wife Rose...hence the name Rosehall.

George died three years later, Rose married three more times, and her last husband John Palmer finished it between 1770-1780.

Both died and had no children...and their grand-nephew John Rose Palmer inherited the house.

Annie Palmer's Bedroom

Later he met and married Annie Mae Patterson in 1820 who became the 2nd and last mistress of the house.

Once owned by the British government, it was sold three other times to three separate families - the Jarrets and the Barrets for the sugar cane plantation...and finally the Hendersons in 1905 to live in.

Their maid was upstair working one day when she fell off the balcony, broke her neck, and died.

The Hendersons suspected that the house was haunted, stripped it of its furniture and moved to Kingston.

Annie's Torture Chamber - the Dungeon

Rosehall great house is now owned by an American couple and the late John Rollins of Wilmington, Delaware.

They bought it in 1965 and renovated it between 1966 and 1971 at at cost of about 2.5 million dollars.

The furnitures that are in it today are made from Jamaican mahagony and the are furnishings are genuine 17th, 18th, and 19th century pieces.

Annie Mae Patterson
Annie Mae Patterson was born in 1802, English mother and Irish father.

She moved to Haiti with parents at age 10. One year later, her parents contracted the yellow fever and died.

Annie's Tomb

The nanny adopted her taught her witchcraft and at 18 years old the nanny died.

Annie could not go back to England because she knew no one there, so She came to Jamaican searching for a wealthyhusband.

There she met and married John Rose Palmer and became the 2nd mistress of the Rosehall great house.

Every day, she would climbed onto the small balcony at the back of the house and issue her orders for the day.

...and every single order was expected to be followed to the smallest detail...

Anyone brave enough to "cross" or disobey her were whipped, tortured, or put to death.

Creepy Picture of What May Be Annie's Ghost

So it was on the plantation, and thus it remained.

Annie Palmer's words was the law by which every decision and judgement made at the Rosehall great house.

The slaves hated her because of her wickedness!

She lived in the house 11 years and within 9 years she murdered three husbands and numerous slave lovers.

She would take the slaves to her bed and made them give her

massages on a special chair she had in her bedroom.

When she got tired of them, she murdered each and buried him in an unmarked grave, then moved on to the next!

As for her husbands, she poisoned each of them.

She was killed in December 1831 (same time when the great uprising lead by Sam Sharpe killed numberous plantation owners on the western end of the island) by one of her slave lovers, Taku

Trouble started when she met and fell in love with Robert Rutherford from England.

Robert was not in love with Annie, he was in love with his housekeeper, Millicent, Taku only grand-daughter.

Annie found out that Robert and Millicent was having a relationship and cast a spell on Millicent. Within a week, shedied.

Taku, out for revenge, snuck in through a secret pathway went into Annies bedroom and strangled her to death!

Ashone, Annie's overseer and lover went after Taku into the bushes and shot him.

Annie died at the age of 29. She was only 4 feet 11 inches tall.

Today the rosehall great house is famous for its haunted stories.

Visitors come from near and far to see where she ate, slept, and the parts of the house that's haunted!

Some claimed to have seen her behind them while looking in the mirror in her bedroom, but when they turn around there is no one there!

Others claim to hear sounds upstair, when they check to see the cause of the sound, they see something like a white robe going around a corner...

Still others have taken pictures and claim to have seen something like another presence in the picture. Take a look at the one below...


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