Rules and Regulations of being a Rastafarian

by D Jerimiah

Q: I would like to know all rules and regulations of being a rastafarian. Also I would like to know if it is must to have dreadlock and smoking ganja when being a rasta. A how about prayers do rastafarian believe in one God or who is JAH because I get confused on these.

A: Click on the links below to find answers to your questions...

- From this link scroll to the bottom of the page and listen to rastaman King Glassa talk about beliefs, baptism, and so on...rastafarian interview

- From this link you will find all the rules...How to become a rastafarian

-...and to answer your question about "who is JAH?" Rastas consider Haile Selassie to the be JAH. Read more about it here...

Hope this helps

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