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by Kim
(Florida)Q: I am a mom that wants to send my daughter to her dad in Jamaica for school. And don’t know how much an average public secondary school cost. Can some one please tell me how much it might cost in USD?

A: Where in jamaica? Public high school are currently free. However, a new government have just taken over, so I am not sure if it will remain free

If this government decides to initiate a fee, it may be somewhere around $100 – $200 USD / year(for the fee alone)…which is what it was about 4 years ago when this government that is currently taking over was in power.

In addition to that you will have to pay for books, daily transportation, lunch, uniforms, and living expenses – This is where the bulk of your expense lies.

If you can tell me specifically which school she will be going to and in what Parish, I should be able to give you a ball park figure.

Hope that helps

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Jan 08, 2012 cost of school
by: Anonymous for a primary school the cost per semester is thirty us dollars and about 100 us dollars for the year. while books and uniform would be about another 200 us dollars.


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