Staying In A Jamaican Family Home

Q: I would like to know what to expect as a girlfriend staying in a jamaican boyfriend’s family home for a few months. Will I be expected to take over a cook for him, etc.?

A: I don’t know! All Jamaican relationships are not the same. Some Jamaican men expect their women to do these things, others don’t.

So the question is…how well do you know you man? What does he expect you to do for him now? …and what do you actually do for him now?

All of these things will dictate his expectations of you when you go there? Chances are if you are doing them now, he will probably expect you to do them then.

If you are not, then I don’t see why he would expect you to do it then.

Contrary to what you have heard about Jamaican men, the acitivities and expectations in any relationship (Jamaican or not) are really between you two.

I would assume that since he invited you there, that he is planning to show you a good relaxing laid back time with his family.

His family will probably be so happy to see you that they will do anything to make you happy.

But! To be on the safe side, maybe you should ask him.

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Nov 02, 2011 Thank you!
by: Anonymous Thank you for your reply. What you said is very true.I asked him but he was very vague that’s why I asked on here.


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