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jamaican birthday

Q: What are some birthday gift ideas for a Jamaican man? A: A shirt or other clothes or a watch, bracelet, necklace, or any other Jewelry, footwear, surprise birthday party, night out, and more… Comments for jamaican birthdayjamaican birthday, Questions about Jamaica, Jamaica Questions Click here to add your own comments Mar 22, 2012 Birthday […]

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Jamaica Villages

by Julian (Germany) Q: I really Love Jamaica , I live In Germany but in some years if I m older I wanna Travel to Jamaica. But if I m there i dont want live into a town, I want live in a small village. How can I find there some nice Villages to live? […]

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poem about guinep

Q: Could I get the Jamaican poem about sweet guinep? A: I don’t know any guinep poem, hopefully one of the visitors to the site knows it. Comments for poem about guinep Click here to add your own comments Aug 16, 2013 Guinep poem by: Anonymous The poem of that title is written by Jamaican poet and author […]

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Am I Following The Traditions?

by Chloe (Brisbane) Q: My name is chloe. I am 16 years old and white but I am in love with the traditions of the rastafarian. I have read the background information and tried to educate myself as much as possible on the history to appreciate the background behind rastafarians. I try to eat little red […]

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why is Jamaica and LEDC?

by Louisa (england) Q: I’m doing a project and need to know why Jamaica is an LEDC, if you could help out, that would be great. thanks. A: For starters, the Jamaican economy is still mainly dependent on its natural endowments such as beaches and bauxite as opposed to manufactured exports. Growth in the amount of […]

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am i following rastafari right?

by Darien Christopher Cornell my views only come from sites like this so i feel a little skeptical on how well im commeting. Here are my views and what i have been doing (ive been doing this for 5 months) im white by the way my diet: i eat no red meat whatsoever no beef […]

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Staying In A Jamaican Family Home

Q: I would like to know what to expect as a girlfriend staying in a jamaican boyfriend’s family home for a few months. Will I be expected to take over a cook for him, etc.? A: I don’t know! All Jamaican relationships are not the same. Some Jamaican men expect their women to do these things, others […]

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Jerk recipes

Love yu wok mi breda/sista! Jus one ting. Nuh gi weh di jerk recipe an process. Wen KFC, McDonals and Burger King come JA dem gi weh dem recipe? No Jamaican frachisee ha fi pay fa. Memba how McDonals Inc sue di JA man name McDonald affa di man done have im name an restaurant […]

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Schools in Jamaica

Q: How are the schools in Jamaica differnt from the schools in the US? Example: Is it Kindergarten to 12th grade? Do they have band, music, and art classes? A: A child start out in kindergarten (pre-Kindergarten in the USA) at age 2 1/2, sometimes 3, or even 4 years old. After that they go to Primary […]

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Local People Buying Behavior

by Jaydon Lin (Taiwan) 1. Product-use patterns. 2. Product feature preferences 3. Shopping HabitEspecially for wine…or other commdities. A: You need to be specific about the products you want to know about…and please put it in the form of a question…much appreciated. …now since you mentioned wine, I can tell you that we Jamaicans spend a […]

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