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Jamaican History (1693 – 1838)

Up to this point in Jamaican history, the island was divided into three classes: White men, who owned property, had professions and trades, were well-off, and spent their money freely. White men who were almost slaves, brought from Britain as convicted criminals, deported to the island to work as slaves.If they survived the ordeal, they […]

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Jamaica History (1839 – Present)

Jamaica history continues as slaves were still allowed to work on the plantations but this time time they were paid…but not much.Just about this same time, Marcus Garvey’s was staking his claim in Jamaica history. Though they were free, life was even harder because they had to fend for themselves and families. By 1863, sugar production fell […]

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history of Jamaica

History Of Jamaica

This website would not be complete without some history of Jamaica! They say that if you are ignorant to the past, you are doom to repeat its failures! I always find it interesting to know what happened in my country long before I was born…and I have to say that when I read about the […]

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