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Johnny B. Goode By Peter Tosh

by Chalino Sanchez (7326 Exeter St. Paramount Ca, USA) Peter Tosh 1944-1987 video: Johnny B Goode… video: Where you Gonna run to… video: Equal Rights and Justice…

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Susan Cadogan

by Rytis (Lithuania) I first heard her when I bought an LP titled “Help me make it through the night | 16 classic reggae love songs”. The song was “Hurt So Good”. At first it was just another song on the vinyl, but then I started to notice it more and more. One day I was […]

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Introduced To Reggae Music in 1970s

by Marina (UK Aylesbury)I was just a normal housewife with children. I always loved soul which was just getting really popular. One day I went to High Wycombe in Bucks and had a drink in one of the local pubs. The music that was being played just held me and did something that no other […]

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