Usain Bolt Strikes Again

Usain Bolt has done it again!

He as done what no other athlete ever done before…winning his third consecutive gold medal in the 100 m in his third consecutive Olympics.start

Considering the fact that he was supposed to be injured and not expected to be at 100%, this is remarkable.

We all know that at 100%, he is unbeatable. Below that we don’t know what to expect.

Of course, Gatlin and others were probably grimacehoping that he would not be able to perform at his best as this would give them a great opportunity to seize the top prize. ..and of course why not? A win is a win…no matter how you get it.

But this was not to be. Bolt would answer all questions in the semifinals when he strolled to a 9.84 s win. Everyone knew right there and then that he was back. We were in for a great final.

…and when the big momentafter came, the legend delivered…again!

At the beginning of the race, Gatlin flew out of the blocks to take the lead. Bolt had a terrible start. For about 70 mm, Bolt was behind the pack while Gatlin leading upfront.

For a moment it seemed like Gatlin would pull off the unthinkable. But just like that,  Bolt found another gear and powered hispose way to the front of the pack and pulled away to win by about 2 meters.

The legend had done it again…in style.

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