What are the Jamaican Traditions?

Q: What are the Jamaican traditions?

A: The Jamaican traditions include singing, dancing to, and playing reggae, dancehall, and lovers rock music, talk Patois(patwa), eat ’nuff’ Jamaican food – rice and peas, chicken, jerk chicken, and so on.., go to church, celebrate heroes day, independence, christmas, and other cultural holidays, play ’nuff’ sports – cricket, football, track and field…, work hard, enjoy life…

…choose to become a rastafari if you want, drink ’nuff’ Jamaican liquor – white rum, real vibes, red stripe, rum punch, ‘strong back’ and so on…smoke ganja if you choose, just don’t get caught by the police.

…hustle to survive if you can’t find a job, and make the best of your opportunity when you get one…

‘ya mon!’


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