what does the country Jamaica needs to grow


Q: My advice to Andrew Holness???

A: To make it his priority to find a way to create jobs and utilize the skills of educated jamaicans…and effectively stop the brain drain that’s happening in the country.

If he can do that, his tenure will be long lasting and successful.

He also need to learn from the mistakes of the former PM’s…and stay away from corruption.

…but first he must win the upcoming election and gain the trust of the Jamaican people

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Nov 05, 2013 Jamaica’s problem
by: kwill Jamaica needs active, all engaging, humble, smart, visionary leadership. Jamaica’s primary greatest resource is its people and this country needs a leader that can ignite each individual to perform optimistically for Jamaica’s prosperity.Jamaica has a manageable population. We need to act decisively, and quickly to outfit this country with the of leaders that can move the people to move this country forward. it is abundantly clear that a great number of our current representatives should not be there because of their anemic abilities.

Please leaders. Who cannot handle the task, for jamaica’s sake, Please LEAVE IT FOR A MORE SUITABLE OFFICER.! Please do the honourable thing.


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