What is a "Bloodcloth" and a "Bombocloth"?

by Thato Khan
(Phila., PA)

Q: I hear Jamaicans call people "Bloodclot" and "Bumbleclod". It sounds ugly but, I jes wanna kno' if I need to get salty or laugh?

A: Lol! They fall in the same category as the "F" word.

They are curse words that Jamaicans use when they get angry...just the same way people use the "F" word when the get angry.

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Jun 18, 2012
by: Altitude

Bombo Cloth was a material used before Maxi pad... Then ppl started calling it Bloodcloth... on account of all the...blood... Then they started saying, Rassclatt... Rass meaning Ass... Jamaicans just started getting vulgar with the whole thing... get it...??

Aug 08, 2010
What de Bloodclot ...?!
by: Ms. Thato Khan

Ha! It's just as I thought. I love to hear them say it. Thanks for the info. I do have another question: How do you spell them?

"bloodcloth" and "bumbocloth"

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