what is expected of a rastafarian woman?

Q: I am interested in being a rastafarian,and am a woman, what are my requirements? what should I do or not do as a rasta woman? how should I dress what should I know?

A: These are the Rastafari rules that applies to women...though not strictly followed today they are still there for she who wishes to be a 'true' rastafarian woman.

  • Women are known as Queens.

  • The main role of women is to look after their King.

  • Women are regarded as subordinate to men.

  • Women are regarded as housekeepers and child bearers.

  • Women must be faithful to her king. Infidelity is not tolerated.

  • Women are not called to Rastafari except through their husbands.

  • Women cannot be leaders...men are the spiritual head of the family.

  • Women must not cook for their husbands during their menstrual cycle.

  • Women must not wear makeup, dress promiscuously, or use chemicals in their hair.

  • Women must not use birth control, as it is regarded as a European tactic to suppress the development of the African population.They must also abstain from abortion which is regarded as murder.

  • Women must cover their hair when they pray

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Oct 20, 2013
Rasta Woman
by: Tahara

In regards to the dress of a Rastafarian woman who lives in a climate that becomes unbearable in a long dress or floor length skirt, would it be dishonest to wear something underneath the garment for warmth?

Oct 19, 2013
becoming rasta
by: Anonymous

i have started to live rasta,need some guidance along the way.I am single and can not have kid,would I still find a rasta husband

Oct 19, 2013
Ask Jah
by: Empress Sapphire

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty
Sis, as you can see, there are as many opinions and views regarding your question as there are grains of sand at the beach. How will you determine who to follow? Who is right and who is wrong?
Sis, you must pray and ask Jah to guide you.
Never stop meditating.
It is very easy to get caught up into playing and looking the part of a Rastafarian Empress but sis if your heart and mind are not set to seek His Majesty locs and long skirt nah go help yuh!
Take the advice of these sisters and run it by Jah and if it is pleasing to HIM then you know which path to follow.
One thing is certain, a woman come from where? Man rib, his side not his foot bottom . We are built to support him not to be trampled by him. Selah? Awo!
I am the only Rastafarian Empress in my family, so I did not have people to guide me or teach me! It helped me to.learn to pray in Amharic and powerful scriptures like Proverbs 31...Be bless and Jah RasTafari guidande. Knowlege. Learn. Never stop learning. Learn about Ras Tafari, history, you will fall in love and sis being a Rastafarian womban will become as natural as breathing! Jaaaaaaah Rastafari Moa Anbessa Ze Imnegede le Yihuda conquering lion of the tribe of Judah.

Mar 25, 2013
by: A Rastas wife

Directed to
InubiyaMarsha...Sistren nuff respect, I wud like to chat you more on certain tings.... Can u email me @ hizempress2011@gmail.com...ty

Feb 17, 2013
Rasta Empress
by: InubiyaMarsha

What the hell! Rasta Empresses are not housekeepers or subordinate to our Kings. We trod as ONE Divine I-nity. So STOP! spread these propaganda. We are professionals, mothers, wives, sistrens. There is no limit to Rasta Empresses

Apr 20, 2012
about haile selassie i
by: Anonymous

Who is haile selassie I parent. Which year he was born.

Apr 12, 2012
Self respect
by: Anonymous

To be a rasta woman you have to know who you are what you want in life and respect your self.

Apr 11, 2012
What is expected of a Ras Tafari woman
by: Anonymous

The main role of the man is to look after their Queen and together they look after the family and nation.

This a complete disrespect to the principles of the universe and unbalanced teachings of certain religious books from a Greco Roman ideology.

Whoever write that need their heads and facts examined, as this is a typical example of the foolish rhetoric espouse by peoples who are illiterate. Complete nonsense and clearly that they have little or no knowledge of women and our role as male and females who make up the trinity
Mother Father Child.

Man should be faithful to their women, have self discipline and integrity, respect for self and as a result can respect others. Man should be faithful to his Queen 100% likewise...

Absolute rubbish! Many individuals who claim to be 'Ras Tafari' lacks knowledge of self whether historical, cultural, spiritual, or scientific hence the above rational.

What about Neter MAAT who wrote the so called '10 commandments' in actual fact 42 plus principles? I would advise all people to carry out their research more. To be fully a Ras tafari you are required to go through training and education.

Women are referred to as Queens/Empress or Sistren

This is complete illogical and shows a lack of rights, laws of the universe, and the synergy between male and females.

Woman are leaders, its only due to foreign and outside ideologies that the qualities of women have been suppressed, the very essence of the Universe.

This aspect is not about cooking only, in fact it really is about a female regeneration of the life cycle of a woman and as such requires rest and meditation which connects with herself and the universal energies.

NEITHER A Man should wear 'makeup' there are many chemicals which pollutes the human body.

Including 'durex' ( plastic) instead have self discipline and learn about our bodies from a early stage. Growing ones hair wearing certain colors and developing certain speech patterns are not prerequisites for becoming a Ras tafari. The issue is not to practice lifestyle trends, but instead to promote right knowledge.

Man or woman should always respect themselves to extent that they can both cover their heads whilst in meditation, or 'prayer' there is no division and should not be encouraged,, When females seek to meet within their own circles they must be able to relax completely.

There are times when we need to question certain individual ideologies each person have a view/opinion, however, this does not make them right, what their lack of knowledge highlights is that Ras Tafari have to work harder to undermine a lot of foolish things written in its name urgently.

The fact that His Imperial majesty had a council as well as Empress Menen is a small insight to the folly and presumption certain individuals make especially in regards to females.

May 04, 2011
what is expected of a rastafarian woman?
by: Anonymous

Nothing is 'expected' of a Rastafarian woman because a woman who is a Rastafarian will know naturally how to BE a Rastafarian.

There is a concept being spun around about a Rastafarian womans place being subordinate. This is laughable. Any true Rastafarian knows that all women, the carriers of Life, are to be held in the highest esteem and respect.

Regarding Rastafarian women not cooking for their men when being bless with their monthly cycle, this is also laughable.

When a woman is being bless with the visit of the cycle, the man at this time will instinctively take over with the chores to leave the woman the time required for embracing her time of blessing.

Anyone who is Rastafarian or has knowledge of the true Rastafarian way of Life will know that the relationship within the Rastafarian man and the Rastafarian woman is a bond not easily broken. The Rastafarian union between man and woman is not a creation of fantasy, greed, or lust, but formed over time, with purpose, mutual admiration and respect for God.

Also, may I clarify this: the image of the ganga smoking Rastafarian is a marketing strategy. It is not uncommon to meet Rastafarians who do not and have never smoked. It is also not uncommon for Rastafarians to wear their hair in a short natural manner.

The Rastafarian way of Life is a simple way of Life. So simple that a child could comprehend it.
"Let you words and your actions stand you in good steed."

Very simply!

For more information, please address your email to: stereotype1441@yahoo.com

Oct 13, 2010
by: Asher

In this day and age. As a rasta women. I use the birth control to prevent unwanted children. I feel Birth Control controls not having unwanted kinds. So this mentality of no birth control is out dated. I am a 21 century rasta women. And a believer of updated rules.

Jan 09, 2010
Birth Control
by: lady dAnonymous

Q: If you don't want to get pregnant after having three children one after the other, how do you protect yourself?

A: Self Control! Rastas belief that birth control is self control...know your wife's fertility cycle...use this to control your sexual behavior.

Psst! Not all rastafarians follow this, because all of them don't have self control. That's why you have true rastafarians that follow all the rules...and others who don't. What rastafarians do in their bedroom is their business.

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