White girl becoming a Rasta

by Cecili
(Norway)I am a white girl ( 17 years old ) from Norway, north of Europe. There are very few religious people where I live, and I slowly became a Christian when I was about 14 years old. I thought I had found my religion, but I always felt that something was missing. The news was in a period often about Christian priest sexual scandals and assaults, and I stopped going to church every Sunday.

In a way I felt bad for “losing my religion”, but still, I can’t say I felt a 100% Christian even though I believe in the old testament.

So I found Rasta. What I love most about Rastafari is the respect for all people, the love for nature and the joy they bring to the people around them. I feel like Rastafari is for me, because it stands for so much that I agree on, I love reggae, Marley and Africa!! I am from the cold, snow-filled Norway, but for some reason I am really passionate about living in Africa, it has been my dream forever.

So I am now going to join the Rastafari life, but I need some feedback from you Rasta people. I don’t want dreadlocks myself, is that okay? In a way I want to take it “all out”, but then again, I like my “style” and clothing etc.

Is it enough to believe in Jah, follow the principals and love everyone with my heart?

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Jul 22, 2012 be a rasta
by: Anonymous bless you child for loving unity and equality.you seen ,Rasta love al life,
so rasta don’t eat meat or fish,and drink water or fruitjus, we call it ital,
(this includes preservatives)
only natural

it’s because of respect and equal right for life
for men and animal
they to have given the spark off life and the free will to decide for them self.

rasta do not need dreads,as long as your actions are forwarding then you are a dread,
caus rasta is a world improver,
dreads are only a symbol,it shows that you feel the DREADfullness of the people who suffer in this world.

Rasta is a spiritual lifestyle and we chant for guidance from our ancestors and higher spirits,

Rasta has a lot of similaritys with hindouism, rasta believe that the soul incarnate and materilize it self into human flesh.
and life is just a small part of our being.

read and educate thy self.
follow you inner voice.
let difficalty’s be a challenge to grow.



Jun 22, 2012 help
by: Anonymous hello im a 14 year old white girl living in england, i recently went through a bad time feeling that life had no point etc. my friends have helped me get to this stage where i am “happy” but i am missing religion as i was a true believer in christadelphianity with is a cult that i am leaving, i know, have read and understand rasta principles and beliefs and i love and respect them all. When i was in my bad time i cut my hair to start again like a new fresh canvas ready to be painted on. i had never felt so happy and at peace with myself until i heard reggae music and started to learn the culture and movement its self. How do i become a rasta? is thier a speacific ritual? also dreadlocks are somthing i have dreamed of having all my life however i have VERY short hair, i am more than willing to get them and really really want to but do i have to wait till i get dreadlocks to be a rasta? do i have to have dreadlocks straight away to be a rasta? i rwally need these answers!

Mar 12, 2012 Rasta “open to all race”
by: Anonymous “Equal, Rights and Justice!”“Greetings, Empirial Majesty, Halie Selassie di
first , Jah Rastafari….!!!”

Dreadlock (crown) –represents our dedication to the livity of rastafari.

The diet MUST change, rasta ONLY eat ITAL.
(no pork, strong drink of any kind, shellfish and much more…)


As an empress, we must dress very modest —dress and skirts prefered (depends on if your manson) Bobo, Nya or Twel Trib

or maybe you may simply call iself a rasta.

Overstanding your history, when people ask why you choose to become rasta —please have a really good reason.

Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Selassie and other are very important people to Jah people.

Study! Study! Study!

Avoid Babylon, our goal is to come out of babylon and return to the motherland (ZION).

Rastafari IS NOT a religion —————IT’S A MOVEMENT.


Its so much, to tell but i dont have the time…

May Jah Bless you through this journey, any questions email me at: iblackqueen@yahoo.com



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